County approves conditional use permits and 16 building permits

By Charlie Warner
Argus News Editor

The Houston County Board went along with a recommendation from the Houston County Planning Commission and granted a conditional use permit (CUP)  for Richard Pike of Minneapolis to build a cabin in an agricultural district in Jefferson Township.

County Zoning Administrator Bob Scanlan brought the proposal to the county board during the Dec. 27 meeting.

Scanlan explained that Pike planned to build a 16 by 24 foot cabin on a ridge top that the prior land owner had excavated just north of the intersection of CSAH 14 and State Highway 26. Scanlan  described the property as “a rocky area.”

The planning commission had put two conditions on granting the CUP. The first that all state and federal regulations be met. The second was that Pike put together an erosion plan with the Root River Soil and Water Conservation District.

Neighboring landowner Pat Hayes attended the planning commission meeting and voiced concerns that Pike’s plans would funnel more water down onto his property. The planning commission discussed several ways of alleviating the water runoff issues. Hayes said if a plan could be drawn up by the RRSWCD staff, he would not be opposed to the cabin.

The board also approved the renewal of two five-year mining CUP’s.

The first was for Travis Zenke, for “substantial land alteration” (the sale of black dirt) in section 27 of Hokah Township.

The second was for James Chapel, for “mineral extraction” (a sand pit) in section 27 of Houston Township.

The board also approved 16 building permits. They included:

• Chris and Amy Lorenz of Hokah Township to install a house (30’ x 76’) and shed (30’ x 40’);

• Phillip Felten of Brownsville Township to build house and porch (30’ x 52’), garage (30’ x 34’) and deck (16’ x 16’);

• Jim and Ron Holty of Spring Grove Township to build a machine shed (60’ x 108’);

• Gerald Skifton of Houston Township to build  a pole building (45’ x 63’)

• Eugene and Saverna Stemper of Mayville Township to build  an entryway and bathroom addition (12’ x 18’);

• Dennis Hutton of Sheldon Township to build a garage (26’ x 36’);

• Thomas and Carolyn Kampshroer of Spring Grove Township to build an attached garage (28’ x 42’);

• Todd Tollefsrud of Wilmington Township to build a machine shed (40’ x 80’);

• Larry Ledebuhr of Mound Prairie Township to build  a storage shed (42’ x 81’) and (12’ x 24’);

• Joe Hammell of Crooked Creek Township to replace cattle barn destroyed by fire (110’ by 160’);

• Ed Hammel of Jefferson Township to build a wood shed (20’ x 30’);

• Richie Meiners of Winnebago Township to build a wood shed/garage (30’ x 30’);

• Thomas Kulas of Yucatan Township to build  a pole shed (50’ x 63’);

• Porteous Olson of Houston Township to build a pole barn/ag building (40’ x 80’);

• Scott Gregerson of Union Township to build a house (27’ x 57’) deck and ramp (20’ x 20’);

• Tim Kruse of Wilmington Township to build  a garage addition (20’ x 14’).

In other board action:

Annual contracts

Solid Waste Officer Rick Frank brought a number of annual contracts for the board to approve. They included:

• A labor agreement with ABC/Woodland Industries to provide five persons to help staff the county’s recycling and dropsites;

• Haulers licenses with Hilltopper’s Refuse & Recycling, Waste Management, Richard’s Sanitation, Bob & Shirley Giblin, Harter’s Refuse and Midwest Roll-Off;

• The recycling contract with Hilltoppers Refuse & Recycling;

• The tire hauling contract with Bob and Shirley Giblin;

• The extension of the dropsite contract with Richard’s Sanitation.

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