Goat’s milk cheese making class was a big hit in Houston

Barb Slisz and Marcia Goodmanson, both of Rochester, check on the status of cheese while instructor Marge Kitchen looks on. Photo by Audrey Alfson

By Audrey Alfson
Special for the Argus

Marge Kitchen, of rural Houston, has been making cheese from goat’s milk for over 35 years.

When her oldest son got his first 4H goats, they just couldn’t let all that milk go to waste, so they drank the milk, made buttermilk, butter, yogurt and cheese.

Last Saturday, Kitchen shared her skills, and many years of stories, with 18 cheese enthusiasts from Rochester, Winona, and Houston in a cheese making class to benefit the Houston Community Garden.

With a full class (and a waiting list of 10 people), those who participated were eager to learn about making cheese and were not disappointed.

Attendees were “Wowed” by the event, which included the making of chevre, ricotta, mozzarella, feta and brie, and  recipes for making several other varieties. They were also a provided lunch and a wine and cheese tasting “fest” at the end of the session, courtesy of Marge Kitchen and Karyl Dronen.

Kitchen made the class memorable with her “Martha Stewart” presentation skills, humorous stories and practical tips for successful cheese-making at home.

The cheese making class was part of ongoing classes in gardening, cooking, preserving and artisanal skills offered by the garden throughout the year.

Classes are scheduled according the instructor’s availability and the interest and demand of participants. Do you have a skill you’d like to share or a class you’d like to take?

Contact Audrey Alfson of the Houston Community Garden for more information. [email protected]