City council discusses how to handle alcohol compliance check failures

By Charlie Warner
Argus News Editor

The Caledonia City Council spent some time during last week’s meeting discussing what action should be taken against two establishments that failed the recent alcohol compliance check.

Out of the 10 businesses that have liquor licenses in Caledonia, Quillin’s and Good Times Restaurant both failed.

According to City Clerk/Administrator Jennifer Feely, both of the individuals accused of selling alcohol to a minor have been formally charged. So it was the appropriate time for the council to determine what, if any, action should be taken against the owners of the establishments that failed the compliance checks.

Feely had sent out notices via certified mail last August to all 10 liquor license holders outlining the consequences of future violations of alcohol to minor laws. The notice stated that the first violation would entail at least a one day suspension. The notice also stated the council had the right to select the day or days and that it was the consensus of the council that the day would be a Friday.

“So what are we going to do?” Mayor Bob Burns asked the council.

“If it would have been the city liquor store, we certainly would have closed it for a day,” Councilwoman Randi Vick noted. The rest of the council agreed with her.

Councilman Paul Fisch suggested that the business pick which Friday they want to have their liquor license suspended. He added that it should be done within the next three months.

The rest of the council agreed that both Quillin’s and Good Times will have to surrender their liquor license for one Friday within the next three months.

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