Brad Harguth presented Sally Kinneberg Memorial Environmental Award

Caledonia Area High School Instructor Brad Harguth, third from left, was presented the Sally Kinneberg Memorial Environmental Award last week. Making the presentation are, from left, County Commissioner Jack Miller, Glenn Kinneberg, Harguth and County Commissioner Justin Zmyewski. Photo by Charlie Warner

By Charlie Warner
Argus News Editor

Caledonia Area High School Instructor Brad Harguth’s natural resource class was interrupted last Wednesday. No, it wasn’t because one of the nearly three dozen students enrolled in the class decided to cause a distraction.

The veteran educator was honored for his extensive promotion and involvement in environmental projects and programs in Houston County.

Harguth was the 2011 recipient of the Sally Kinneberg Memorial Environmental Award. It was presented to him by Glenn Kinneberg, county commissioners Jack Miller and Justin Zmyewski and Ron Meiners and Dave Walter of the Root River Soil and Water Conservation District.

The award is named after Sally Kinneberg, who with former Root River SWCD Manager Erivn Barth, wrote the water conservation plan for Houston County years ago. Sally Kinneberg died in 1998.

The local SWCD has been recognizing persons who promote environmental and conservation projects and programs with this award for the past decade.

During the presentation, Meiners explained to the class why their instructor was being honored.

“Brad Harguth has not just been involved with environment and conservation projects locally, but also regionally and throughout the state,” Meiners began.

“Brad coordinated a session on the Envirothon Program with the Minnesota Association of Ag Educators in St. Cloud.”

Meiners said Harguth has also been involved with projects such as:

• Tree plantings on the Caledonia School property and Eitzen park project.

• Building pens for the release program sponsored by the local Quail Forever Chapter.

• Helped high school students construct blue bird and bat houses that were used in conservation efforts within the county.

• Was involved with the annual FFA Field Day for students to educate them on soils judging, contouring and forestry. Harguth organized and hosted this event over the past seven years.

• He has worked with implementing the local water plan through the Soil and Water Conservation District.

• Harguth has been involved annually with the state’s Envirothon Program. This specific program required countless hours of instruction and involves education on wildlife, water quality, forestry, soils, etc.

• Harguth continually instructs students concerning environmental and conservation issues and practices through his classroom.

• He has always been active in his community and always takes opportunities to educate his students on environmental issues.

Commissioner Jack Miller encouraged Harguth’s students to view their instructor as a role model.

“Too often I hear that our youth doesn’t have the right types of persons that they can look up to and learn from. You students are so lucky to have an instructor like Brad Harguth. He is an excellent role model,” Miller noted.

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