Muriel Johnson

Muriel L. Johnson died on Jan. 23 at the age of 90 in Rockville Center, N.Y.

Johnson was born in Caledonia, Minn. on May 3, 1921. Her parents were Peter Schiltz and Flossie Schmitz. She grew up as one of nine children, attended the College of St. Theresa’s in Winona, Minn. and received her teaching degree in Latin and English. She went on to teach both subjects in high school until World War II when she enisled in the U.S. Coast Guard, went to Florida for training and was stationed in New York for the duration of the war.

After the war, Muriel married William J. Johnson of Staten, Island, N.Y. He was a captain in the 101st Airborne who had returned from Normandy, D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne and more. After living on Staten Island in upstate New York, the couple settled in Rockville Centre in 1954, raising their family on Windsor Avenue. William was the president of the 101st Airborne Society, president of the Rockville Centre Little League and manager of the Franklin National Bank Rockville Centre Little baseball team when he suddenly died of a heart attack at the age of 48, leaving Muriel with their six children who ranged from 7-16. All attended St. Agnes Elementary School and then St. Agnes and Oceanside High Schools.

Muriel is remembered as a second grade teacher at St. Agnes who was so dedicated that one could find her decorating her classroom in mid-summer. She taught in Rockville Centre for more than 25 years, and truly loved her vocation. She especially enjoyed being involved in the second grade Christmas play each year.

Muriel is survived by her four sons and two daughters: Peter (Maria), Michael (Nancy), Bill (Frisha), Tim (Anne), and Barbara Hammond and Mary (Charles) Wright. She also leaves behind 18 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren, with more than half of them having attended St. Agnes. Some are there now. Also surviving Muriel are her six siblings, Mary, Geri, Barbara, Tom, Jim and Joe.

She was preceded in death by her sister Verone and brother Robert.

Services were held at Macken Mortuary on Jan. 15.