Township election results

Township elections and annual meetings were held throughout Houston County on March 13. The following are the results submitted at this time by the various townships. We will continue to make updates as we receive additional information.

Black Hammer Township:
Supervisor- Kim Sherburne,
Clerk- Elizabeth Wiste.

Houston Township:
Supervisor- Gerald Skifton,
Clerk- Christine Rischette.

Yucatan Township:
Supervisor- Thomas Benedum,
Clerk- Linda Griggs.

Money Creek Township:
Supervisor- Wayne Meyer 35 votes,
Clerk- Adam Florin 37 votes.

Crooked Creek Township:
Supervisor- John Kohlmeier 26 votes, write in candidate Howard Lampert 16.
Clerk- Andre Moen 44 votes.
Operating levy for general, road/bridge and fire/ambulance was left unchanged at $82,000.

Jefferson Township:
Supervisor- Russell Kruse 14 votes,
Clerk- Joyce Staggemeyer 10 votes.
Operating levy for road & bridge $82,500, general $15,000, fire $13,000, ambulance $2,000, garbage $9,500 left unchanged at $122,000.

Sheldon Township:
Supervisor- Burdette Unnasch 35 votes, Adam Steinfeldt 15 votes,
Clerk- Sherry Jergenson 48 votes, Mark Staven one vote.
Mayville Township:
Supervisor- Gene Tessmer 39 votes, Wayne Houdek one vote,
Clerk- Glenn Meiners 26 votes, Lucille Lemke 17 votes.
General levy remained the same at $138,000.

Brownsville Township:
Supervisor- Delmer Ideker 38 votes, John Justin 10 votes,
Clerk – Doris Mitchell 48 votes.

Caledonia Township:
Supervisor- Ed Voight 83 votes, Martin Ranzenberger 20 votes.
Clerk- Holly Klankowski 98 votes.
The levy was increased by $10,000 for a total 2013 year levy of $157,000.

Wilmington Township:

Supervisor- Greg Myhre 11 votes, Karl Sylling 1 vote,

Clerk- Julie Amundson 12 votes.

The levy was approved in the amount of $210,000, the same as the previous year. It includes: general fund- $29,000, road and bridge- $154,200, ambulance- $3,300, fire-    $17,000 solid waste- $6,500.

Hokah Township:

Supervisor- Mark Von Arx,

Clerk- Ruth Horihan.