Yucatan Township says no to off-road trails

Yucatan Township Clerk Linda Griggs provided some information during the township annual meeting held March 13. Franklin Hahn, seated at the table, served as moderator for the meeting. Twenty persons attended Yucatan Township's annual meeting. Photo by Charlie Warner

By Charlie Warner
Argus News Editor

While a large group of persons living in the city of Houston area have expressed support for a proposed off-road vehicle park just south of the city limits, persons attending the Yucatan Township annual meeting went on record as being opposed to any off-road trails in their township.

Township Supervisor Larry Gaustad brought the issue up during the March 13 annual meeting. He proposed an ordinance that would prohibit the construction of any public or commercial trails designed for the operation of off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles or four-wheel drive pickups.

While the majority of the 20 persons attending the meeting didn’t want to see snowmobiles included in the ordinance, they agreed that noise pollution and the degradation of the natural beauty of Yucatan Township were reasons for enacting an ordinance.

Yucatan Township resident David Boone signed in shortly before the March 13 annual meeting. The large pot bellied stove, which used to heat the century-old town hall building in rural Yucatan didn't need to be fired up, as the temps were close to 70 degrees outside Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Charlie Warner

Exactly what should or should not be included in the ordinance was the big question. Township Clerk Linda Griggs suggested the town board contact legal representation and come up with some workable language.

A motion was made by Donna Buckbee and seconded by Elvin Paulson to work a proposed ordinance up with the township’s attorney. Once the language is developed, a public meeting on the proposed ordinance will be called. The motion passed by the majority of those attending the meeting.

Cut the cards once again 

History repeated itself last Tuesday.

Two years ago Elvin Paulson and Peter Orr received 62 votes each for the Yucatan Township supervisor position. So the two men cut cards. Orr drew the three of clubs and Paulson drew the two of clubs.

Yucatan Township had another dead heat this year. After the votes were counted last Tuesday, election officials announced that Tom Bennedum and Burdell Hahn both received 66 votes. The two men decided to cut cards.  Burdell drew the queen of clubs and then Bennedum drew the king of clubs.