County board approves various zoning requests

By Charlie Warner
Argus News Editor

The Houston County Board approved two variance requests, a rezoning request and 10 zoning permits during the April 3 board meeting.

Zoning Administrator Bob Scanlan explained the two variance requests and that the County Planning Commission had reviewed the plans of both requests and recommended approval.

The first was a variance of 28 feet to meet a required 50-foot setback from the north property line for Ben Schieber of Mound Prairie Township. Schieber proposed to construct a shed 22 feet from his property line. Scanlan said that due to limited space, the variance was needed.

The second request was from Josh Ross of Union Township who needed a 740-foot variance to meet the required 2,640-foot setback from a residential subdivision of an existing feedlot.

Ross has purchased the Jehovah Witness Church and plans to convert it into a single family residence. Because there is an existing house in the 40-acre tract, Ross needed to have the property rezoned from ag to residential and set up a residential subdivision.

Scanlan said because the property in question was within two miles of the city of Hokah, the subdivision would meet county zoning ordinances.

A motion made by Commissioner Steve Schuldt and seconded by Commissioner Teresa Walter to approve the requests was unanimously approved.

The following building permits were also approved by the board:

• Eric Benson, Winnebago Township to construct a 36 x 52-foot shed.

• Eugene Laschenski, Yucatan Township to construct a 9,000 bushel grain bin.

• Tom Danielson, Sheldon Township to construct a 10 by 24-foot lean-to.

• Kenneth Witt, Houston Township to construct a 28 by 32-foot garage.

• Douglas Sanders of Yucatan Township to replace an existing home destroyed by a fire with a 25 by 48-foot house and 24 by 30-foot garage.

• Agrimark, Inc. Josh and Jonah Ross of Hokah Township to install a 45,000 bushel grain bin and 5,000 bushel wet bin.

• Matt Kubly, Houston Township to construct a 24 by 26-foot pole building.

• Wayne Petersen, Wilmington Township to construct a 24 by 52-foot shed/work shop.

• Bob Ellenz, Caledonia Township to construct a 56 by 72-foot pole shop.

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