School board holds special meeting to make changes in capital projects

By Clay Schuldt
Special for the Argus

The Caledonia Area School Board discussed minor adjustments to the capital projects approved at last month’s meeting during a special meeting held April 2.

Network Technician Eric Jerviss presented a proposal at last month’s school board meeting on which items to spend the capital improvement funds.

At that meeting Jerviss’s plan was amended to remove the purchase of two smart boards to keep cost under the approved budgets.  The board would consider adding the smart boards back into the plan if Jerviss could save enough money in other areas. Since that meeting Jerviss believes the school will be able to purchase the two smart boards initially left out of the plan without increasing the previously approved costs.

Board Member Scott Longhorn was fine with adding the smart boards back into the technology plan if it did not mean purchasing downgraded items to save money.  Jerviss had no intention of buying downgraded equipment, however the new plan did call for the purchase of the Ipad 2 rather than the Ipad 3.  It was pointed out to the board that the Ipad 3 had a few glitches, specifically it was prone to  overheating.

A motion was made to allow Jerviss to purchase the items requested at the previously established price of $161,559.95 under the condition that the best equipment possible was purchased. The motion was approved.

A similar amendment was passed for the facilities capital project. Superintendent Marcia Love informed the board that the cost of replacing the metal halide lights in the gym could be covered by the health and safety funding, which is already available and reserved.

“That would free up $20,000 out of the One-Day Bond funds for some other project,” Love explained.  However the budget for health and safety projects for this year had already been approved.  The lighting system was planned to be replaced in the next few weeks, but if the board uses health and safety money the replacement will need to wait until July.

Board Chair Michelle Werner felt the lighting could be put off until July as there was only two months left in the school year. The recommendation to pay for the lighting replacement with health and safety funds was approved.

The board went into closed session to discuss negotiation strategies for the interviewing elementary principal superintendent candidates.  The actual interview process will begin at a special board meeting on Monday April 9 at 5:30 p.m. in the Caledonia Elementary Media Center.