Rochester man faces multiple charges following April 18 shotgun incident

By Charlie Warner
Argus News Editor

Keith Alan Bolduan, 29, of 703 First Street SW, Rochester was charged with three felony counts and four gross misdemeanor counts for an incident that occurred around 4:30 p.m. on April 18.

According to charges filed with the Third Judicial District Court Bolduan admitted to a Houston County Deputy that he broke into Mark Hiser’s house, stole a shotgun and fired it.

The complaint stated that at 4:33 p.m. Ryan Rohrer called 911 to report a male wearing a yellow hat and bib overalls had just shot a shotgun in the 100 block of North Marshall Street in Caledonia. Rohrer also reported that the male dropped the shotgun and was walking south towards the Houston County Courthouse.

Caledonia Police officers Chad Heuser and Allan Johnson responded to the call and located Rohrer and found the shotgun lying on the sidewalk.

The gun was photographed and seized. Officer Heuser spoke to another witness who had heard a loud noise and observed a male with a yellow stocking cap and bibs holding a shotgun. This witness stated that the male tried to shoot the gun again, but it did not go off. The male then set the gun down and hold the witness it was not his gun.

In the mean time, Houston County Sheriff’s Deputy Duane Brownlee located the suspect. The defendant told Brownlee that he broke into Hiser’s house, stole the shotgun and fired it.

Bolduan was placed under arrest and taken to the Houston County Justice Center.

Deputy Brownlee and Officer Johnson went to the Hiser resident at 204 North Kingston and observed that a south basement window was broken. Hiser was located in the house and informed of the broken window and the burglary. Hiser and the officers went to the basement where Hiser showed them where he kept the shotgun. Hiser checked the basement area and determined nothing else was missing.

According to court records, Bolduan was convicted of second degree burglary in May of 2004 and subsequently committed as being mentally ill. He faces the following charges:

• Felony theft- severity level 4;

• Felony burglary in the first degree- severity level 6;

• Certain persons not to possess firearms- felony- severity level 6;

• Two separate charges certain persons not to possess firearms- gross misdemeanors;

• Carrying a shotgun in a public place- misdemeanor;

• Criminal damage to property in the fourth degree- misdemeanor.

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