County commissioners approve redistricting plan

By Charlie Warner
Argus News Editor

From 2000 to 2010, Houston County’s population experienced a 3.5 percent decrease from 19,718 to 19,027.

According to state statutes county commissioner districts must be equally represented. So a slight shuffling of townships, actually just one, was required for Houston County to be in compliance.

At last week’s meeting, the Houston County Board unanimously approved a motion to move Mayville Township from District Three to District Five.

Until last Tuesday, District Three included the city of Caledonia and Caledonia and Mayville townships, which is served by Commissioner Steve Schuldt.

Mayville Township will now be part of Commissioner Tom Bjerke’s district. Bjerke’s district now includes the cities of Spring Grove and Eitzen and Black Hammer, Crooked Creek, Jefferson, Mayville, Spring Grove, Wilmington and Winnebago townships.

The other three districts were not affected. They include:

• District One served by Commissioner Jack Miller- city of La Crescent (precincts one and two);

• District Two served by Commissioner Justine Zmyewski- city of Houston and Houston, Money Creek, Mound Prairie, Sheldon, Union and Yucatan townships;

• District Four served by Commissioner Teresa Walter- city of Browsville, city of Hokah, city of La Crescent (precinct three) and Brownsville, Hokah and La Crescent townships.