‘Support Our Swimming Pool’ is the theme for $1.7 M pool project

By Jennifer Feely
Caledonia Clerk/Administrator

“Support Our Swimming Pool” is the theme and logo which has been chosen by the Caledonia Area Family Aquatic Center Campaign’s Communications Task Force to highlight promotional materials for the $1.7 M fundraising campaign.

Communications Task Force volunteer Allison Tolleson coined the theme with a little tweaking from another communications volunteer, Mayor Bob Burns.

The phrase “Our Health. Our Kids. Our Communities.” will serve as the featured tag line to emphasize the importance of the aquatic center for the health and well being of all area residents and communities. The committee chose the words to focus on area youth as well as each neighboring community that may benefit the most from the center as these communities currently do not have functioning swimming pools.

“The phrase, ‘Every Drop Counts’ will also be used to signify the importance of all contributions of every amount needed to help us reach our goal,” says Communications volunteer Pam Griffith, who came up with the phrases.

Students from Julie Costet’s graphic design class at Caledonia High School helped create an effective logo to accompany the fundraising campaign.

“It was a very hard decision on which student design to choose,” said Tolleson, who came up with the idea to incorporate student artists to help develop the logo. “We liked so many elements in each design, but eventually we chose the design by Selena Privet who incorporated three life rings joining with each other to represent the Caledonia area, plus the three major surrounding areas that will be served. We will need to all work together to reach our fundraising goal as evident in the joined life rings symbolizing water safety.”

Doug Nack from Printy Quik and his staff also assisted in the final design preparation.

The campaign is currently in pre-solicitation planning stages to develop the written rationale for the project, including brochures, multi-media presentations, and future promotional events. The campaign’s informational materials will soon be tested with a group of area citizens.

Replacement of the 56-year-old municipal pool is necessary as it does not meet state health or Americans with Disabilities (ADA) requirements and is at risk of being shut down. Maintenance is difficult and costly. The baby pool has already been closed.

Led by community volunteers with city of Caledonia support, the S.O.S. capital campaign will raise funds for a new 9,000 square foot aquatic facility on the site of the current pool. The plans include using the original pool tank to save money.  The city of Caledonia will operate the facility and has pledged up to $400,000 toward the total goal.

The campaign will officially kick off in the fall. The goal is to secure most pledges by the end of 2012. Pledges may be paid over three years. Some short-term financing will be required as pledges are paid.

According to the city council, construction will be approved to start after two-thirds of the pledges have been secured. Since this will probably coincide with winter months, construction will most likely start in 2013.

For more information, or to volunteer, contact Jennifer Feely, Caledonia City Clerk/Administrator at 725-3450.