City decides to go with Stantec for treatment plant operator

By Charlie Warner

Argus Editor

In order to remain in compliance with the state, the Caledonia City Council unanimously approved a motion to contract with Stantec, Inc. of Rochester for a Class A operator six hours a week to oversee the operations of the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

The city has looked at a number of options to have a Class A operator in place since Tony Klug retired earlier this spring. The city has Ryan Skillings in place with a Class C license. But since the city’s facility is a Class A plant, the requirement is for a Class A operator to be in site at least six hours a week, spread out over at least two days a week.

The contract with Stantec will be in place until the city can hire a full time Class A operator.

The council also approved the hiring of former wastewater treatment operator DeWayne “Tank” Schroeder as a weekend back-up person at the plant. Schroeder was hired at $30 an hour.

In other council action:

Current transformers

With the electrical department’s system upgrade, City Electrician Matt Blocker informed the council that two current transformer (CT) units need to be installed. The CTs are units that are installed on the ground and take the place of the antiquated cylinder-shaped transformers that are suspended in the air on power poles.

The council approved the low bid submitted by Hoskins Electric of $3,450 to install a CT cabinet near St. Mary’s Church. The city had received a second bid for the job from Becker-Stemper Electric for $4,055.

The second CT cabinet will be installed near the city swimming pool and will take the place of a number of overhead transformers in the parking lot near the pool area. Blocker was given permission to contact the three local electrical contractors and take the low bid.

Crimp tool purchase

Blocker provided two bids for a new crimp tool that his department uses on a regular basis. He explained the old crimper tool had out-lived its usefulness and needed to be replace.

While the bid from D&S Inc. of La Crosse was $59 higher than the bid from Border States Supply of Rochester, Blocker recommended the bid from D&S, as their sales rep lives in Caledonia and provides better service.

The council went ahead with the higher bid from D&S, which was $1,665.

Used plow truck

The city will be able to save quite a bit of money by going with a used snow plow truck instead of a new one.

City Coordinator Mike Gerardy said he was able to locate a 2001 Freightliner with 85,000 miles, which he felt would make a very good snow plow truck for the city.

The city had originally budgeted around $50,000 to replace the 1985 plow truck with 165,000 miles. This truck, which is fully equipped and would fit in the city’s shed could be purchased for $29,000.

Gerardy figures the city could get around $5,000 for the 1985 truck.

The council approved a motion by Mayor Burns and seconded by Councilman Bob Lemke to purchase the truck.