Spring Grove’s own American Idol heads to Chicago

Cheyenne Moen auditioned for the hit television show American Idol in Chicago. The Spring Grove vocalist said she’s going to try again next year after producers complimented her vibrato.
~ Jennifer Ely

By Jennifer Ely
Caledonia Argus

Cheyenne Moen has always dreamed of auditioning for the  television show and singing contest American Idol. “I’ve always watched Idol since season one, and I love to sing, so I thought why not, I’ll try it out,” Moen said.

The teenager has sung a great deal for her high school in Spring Grove. She was in choir, women’s chamber and solo and ensemble. Moen said she likes to sing anything, but her favorite genre is pop. She likes to sing to artists like Adele or Brandi Carlile. Her favorite song is “The Story” by Brandi Carlile.

Moen set her sites on the season 12 audition in Chicago.

Moen didn’t really know what to expect going to Chicago. When she saw all the people waiting outside the building for their one chance of basking in the limelight like her, she knew that she was there to do her own thing no matter what happened.

“I started to stand in line at 5:30 a.m. and waited 11 hours to sing in front of a producer,” Moen said. After 11 grueling hours she finally got inside the arena and saw the massive crowd of people.

“There were over 15,000 people in the arena,” Moen said.

Out of those 15,000 people Moen said she was kind of bummed she didn’t get to see any celebrities like the American Idol judges.

She did, however, get to see and stand really close to Ryan Secrest, the host of American Idol. She  said that was pretty exciting.

“I wasn’t too nervous to sing in front of people because I had to sing so much for school. I told myself it was just like that. I was singing in front of my school and not in front of a prestigious scary producer,” Moen said.

“I was just singing on my own, giving everything I got.

“But, while you were waiting in line there were a lot of little groups that formed throughout the line. People in these groups would just randomly start to sing. Anybody got to sing in these groups maybe to help people calm there nerves, or even to help them practice or to help keep them from boredom in the never ending long line. Whatever the reason was, I liked it. I jumped into some of those groups and sang away,” Moen said. “Finally, when you made it inside the arena you were put into groups of four.”

Eleven different stations were set up in the arena, and each station had a different producer to hear your group sing.

Cheyenne’s group finally made it to a producer. Then the producer explained that each person within the group would sing in front of him and then when everyone was done singing he would comment on their voice and tell them if they were making it on or not.

Moen was picked to sing first, and performed her favorite song.

“You didn’t get to hear what they thought about you until your whole group got done singing. So, I got to be the lucky one to hear if I was going to see the judges first or not,” Moen said. “I was really impressed with how many good singers were in my group and didn’t make it on. I didn’t make it past the producer either, but the producer said I had a very good vibrato and should definitely come back next year to try out again,” Moen said.

Moen said she wasn’t too upset that she didn’t make it past the producer, but she is for sure going to try out again next year.

“I thought my trip to Chicago was a great experience. The good out weighed the bad tremendously. The only bad part about trying out for American Idol was the long wait I had to endure. The best part of my trip was being able to see Chicago and experience what it’s like to audition for American Idol. I would love to go back to Chicago and try out for American Idol again. I’d show the producers that I’ve been practicing and that I’m ready to meet those judges,” Moen said.