A political response

To the Editor:

July 18 The Argus published my letter “Yes we still can.” On Aug. 1 The Argus published a rebuttal of sorts by Mike Nelson of Coralville, Iowa. This will be my one and only response to Mr. Nelson.

I appreciate his letter, and I’m excited to know my words reached south central Iowa. I am very grateful for the many thank yous and words of encouragement I have received directly.

So let’s begin with Mr. Nelson’s attempt to discredit my opinion (developed from experience, research, plus data collected etc.) The writer states I was certainly misled. Then he states “Some of her opinions are just not fact.”

But, Mr. Nelson never tells the readers which opinion he’s referring to. He then uses the word “slander,” which is an attempt to be scary and taunt that he will take the high road. Too late for that, Mr. Nelson; you’ve already chosen your path. Your entire letter is an effort to divide Americans. Your opening line suggests (us Republicans). My use of the word Republican was in a quote from Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. I carefully avoided lumping all folks together. Defining each separately – small group of law-makers, lesser group, the Tea Party, serious Republicans.

Mr. Nelson attempted to paint me as being against all Republicans is simply not true. I will attempt to answer Mike Nelson’s one question for me, having 15 parts disguised as one. Deception is a fool’s game. I will do my best by assigning numbers to the parts. No. 1: I’m not aware of middle and low income seniors having federal income tax problems. No. 2: I’m also disappointed on that but you and I may not be all-knowing on national defense issues. No. 11: I feel Pres. Obama has dealt completely with issues of accountability. No. 12: Unshakable commitment doesn’t always mean we agree. No. 13: Are you personally aware of something or just taking a cheap shot in the dark? Nos. 3-10 and Nos 14 and 15 require at least some understanding of how law-making works, such as from middle school civics. The president has presented his bills on jobs, infrastructure, energy and more. These important projects are still waiting for bipartisan action needed to bring them up for a vote. Proving once again you can lead an elephant to water, but you can’t make him drink. I’m still standing by my opinions while looking for common ground.

And no fences please. We are all Americans. We need to find solutions together. We can do this.


Julia Massman

Caledonia, Minn.