Voter ID – Why all the fuss?

To the Editor:

This coming November Minnesota voters will be asked to amend the state constitution to require a picture ID to vote in an election. It’s a simple requirement, one that 26 states already have in some variation.

Opponents of the measure cry foul; that many elderly and poor voters will be robbed of their franchise or opportunity to vote. A laundry list of objections stops just short of predicting the death of western civilization if the referendum passes.

Minnesota has excellent statutes for protecting the integrity of the voting process. Still we do have instances where unqualified voters have cast ballots.

In 2010 the state had to scrub voter rolls of more than 200 names where felons had been allowed to vote. If anyone is being disenfranchised it is that person whose vote has been effectively cancelled by someone who is not entitled to vote.

Recently the Supreme Court was asked to weigh in on the issue of disenfranchisement in a case regarding the Indiana voter ID law. The Indiana law was upheld when the complainants were unable to demonstrate a single case where a voter was denied for lack of a picture ID.

Most of us are asked to prove who we are several times a month. What’s the big deal? Voter ID is a way to make Minnesota’s excellent voting law better. How can that possibly be a bad thing? Vote for Voter ID in November.


David Boone

Houston, MN