Quist ousts Parry in first district primary

The Aug. 14 primary saw Republican Allen Quist oust Mike Parry  with 54 percent of the first district’s vote.

Quist, a conservative activist who served in the state House from 1983 to 1989, will take on Democratic Rep. Tim Walz.

A veteran of Minnesota politics, Quist, age 67, drew a line against tax increases and said balancing the federal budget would be his campaign’s chief message.

Walz was first elected in 2006, and pundits say he has built a formidable base of support. His campaign released a statement congratulating Quist and said Walz has “stood up for middle class families, veterans, students and seniors.”

Quist told supporters that he’s confident that a conservative Republican can win the congressional seat.

“Our focus in going to be the number one problem facing our country, and that is the debt crisis,” Quist said. “We absolutely have to change direction. We don’t have a choice.”


– Emily Bialkowski