Davids makes false donation claim from Fillmore DFL

To the Editor:

Yesterday I received a call asking me why the Fillmore County DFL had donated $1,000 to Representative Greg Davids’ campaign.

I told the caller that was news to me, but when I checked Greg’s latest list of itemized donations on the Campaign Finance Board website there it was for everyone to see, even whoever filed the report and said it was true and accurate.

I’ll grant that Greg has done lots of things last legislative session that are going to help Ken Tschumper defeat him this fall, but I categorically deny that Fillmore County DFL paid him to do any of them.

Thankfully, Greg can correct this mistake a lot easier than he can the others he made in balancing the state budget.

As I was looking over Greg’s list of itemized individual donors I noted that more than 75 percent of them don’t even live in his district, and a lot of them don’t even live in Minnesota. I assume they aren’t there by mistake, so it does make you wonder who Greg really represents.


Dennis De Keyrel

Harmony, MN