Dissolve the frac sand study committee

To the Editor:

I read the article in the Aug. 15 issue of the Argus written by Emily Bialkowski relating to Kelly Stanage’s concerns regarding the Frac Sand Study Committee.

In this article, Ms. Stanage makes some questionable assumptions regarding members of the committee and various county employees and their possible involvement in mining activities.

Most people willing to serve on the committee probably already formed an opinion on the issue prior to accepting a position on the committee, including Ms. Stanage.

The facts are that not every hill or mine contains silica sand. Not every site that contains silica sand is practical for mining operations.

No matter what Houston County decides, it will not stop the fracing process elsewhere. I believe that the committee should be dissolved.

The county commissioners should do their job using the ordinances currently in place for any type of mining as provided in the Land Use Plan that defines mining operations, traffic and road issues and site reclamations.

If Houston County continues to discriminate against certain types of mining, the county could potentially be sued, which would cost every property owner in the county.


John Beckman

Houston, MN