Swain exceeds expectations again

To the Editor:

I am writing to the Argus to give an update on Chris Swain’s performance at the 2012 pool party, as it relates to the story “Despite medical setbacks, Swain still swimming like a fish,” which ran in the  Aug. 15 issue.

Chris and handful of others treaded water for two hours, raising $1,270 designated toward pool renovations.

At the end of those two hours, Chris announced a challenge that she would tread for a third hour if $500 could be raised in pledges. Although an additional $310 was collected, she continued to tread for the full third hour!

Many in attendance at the pool party did not know what her friends and swimming buddies knew: Chris had already swam an hour that morning!

Thank you for your coverage of this amazing woman and her support of the Caledonia Community Pool.


Carol Nelson

Caledonia, MN