Hokus pokus, abracadabra, presto chango

To the Editor:

These are silly words people use when attempting to mesmerize you with some form of debauchery. In comparison last year our school board pretentiously debuted the “one day bond sale.” No one was really sure of its conception and obviously no one really understood its apparent lack of value. However our school board, in its haste to obtain more “free money,” blatantly prevaricated and coerced us into believing this bond was our only “tax free” salvation. Well, they were wrong, and it would be wrong for all of us to vote yes to their redundant proposal again this year. What we will understand in the near future is the one day bond is just another fat tax hog.

It was recently reported that one out of every 10 Minnesotans now live in poverty. However, our school system expects these same hard working, underprivileged taxpayers to help pay for 100 percent of their lavish heath, retirement and bonus programs. A phenomenon the rest of us have no concept of.

Like our neighbors in Wisconsin, it’s time for all of us to step forward and say enough is enough. Time for the Minnesota school systems to fund a large percentage of their own benefit packages. This action will put our tax dollars back to work in the classrooms, paying for the educational tools our tax dollars were originally intended for.

The Caledonia school district’s compulsion for the “one day bond sale” must come to an end. We must vote no to this hokus pokus.


Gary Parr

Brownsville, Minn.