Argus helps area schools

Emily Bialkowski
Argus Managing Editor

This is an exciting week for The Caledonia Argus because schools in our community have begun to receive free copies of the newspaper to use as classroom learning tool through a program called Newspapers In Education (NIE).

About 150 copies have been requested by area teachers, and it is through the generous support of business and individual sponsors that we are able to provide these teachers and their students copies of The Argus.

Teachers can use the newspaper in many different ways as a real life learning tool. For example,  she can assign her students the task of budgeting for an apartment, groceries and daycare based on costs listed in the newspaper. She can assign a word of the day and have kids hunt for that word. It can also be as simple as free reading time for the students.

The newspaper provides a wealth of community information each and every week, and it’s a great chance for young people to get a snapshot of life outside soccer practice and studying.

I’ve been at other newspapers that facilitate NIE, and my favorite part of the entire program is NIE Week.

It comes in March and is a time when the newspaper asks students to write a letter or draw a picture detailing what they like about getting the paper. It serves as a way to thank sponsors and highlights how the newspaper is being used as curriculum.

It never failed that Teen Talk and sports topped the list of favorites. And, you’d be happy to know, even kids get a chuckle and raised eyebrow from the police blotter.

I thank the businesses and families that are willing to sponsor this program in our schools. In fact, all Caledonia area schools have requested newspapers, including St. John’s, St. Mary’s and the public school.

If you would like to support Newspapers In Education call the Argus at 507-724-3475. Just $35 provides a week’s worth of newspapers to the schools, and we are still securing enough sponsors to cover the school year.

It’s a time-tested, national program, and I am so very happy to begin this partnership between families, businesses and our educational institutions.


You can contact Emily Bialkowski at [email protected]