Printing and graphics industry needs Postal Reform Act

To the Editor:

Recent reports indicate that the U.S. House is unlikely to vote on postal reform legislation this month. H.R. 2309, the Postal Reform Act, sponsored by House Oversight & Government Affairs Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, was approved by the committee last fall but has languished in its journey to a full House vote.

It is my responsibility as President of the Printing Industry Midwest to warn the public of the disastrous consequences this delay would pose to the printing and graphic communications industry here in Minnesota – and to the overall future viability of the U.S. Postal Service.

There are 737 print establishments in Minnesota generating over $5 million shipments each year and employing over 34,000. These numbers do not include the related industries will be impacted if the legislation is not passed.

The Senate passed its version of postal reform in April and is awaiting the House-passed version in order to begin a bicameral conference to resolve differences between two bills.

A delay in the House vote imperils the prospect that enough time will remain on a dwindling legislative calendar to achieve final passage of postal reform by the end of 2012. While the House could consider H.R. 2309 in September or in the post-election lame duck session, there is considerable risk that the issue could slip altogether in the face of other must-pass legislation related to the approaching “fiscal cliff.”

The longer the House postpones a postal reform vote, the greater the chances are that nothing happens at all.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Postal Service loses $25 million per day and consumer confidence in the future value of mail grows more uncertain.

I support Chairman Issa’s drive to finish the job on postal reform and respectfully urge the House GOP leadership to move H.R. 2309 back to the top of a must pass list of legislative priorities.

I urge you to contact your House Representative and remind him or her about the significance of this legislation moving on to conference committee. To contact your representative directly, go to



David Radziej, President
Printing Industry Midwest

Roseville, MN