Meeting became platform for accusations

To the Editor:

We attended the meeting put on by Minnesota Sands on Aug. 28 and intended to gather information and form an opinion on the potential impact, positive and negative, on Houston County. They put on an informative presentation that answered many of our questions, and the information we have checked is accurate. Unfortunately, a small vocal group, who obviously didn’t intend to listen, used it as a platform to loudly and rudely to not only voice their own agenda but to shout, point fingers at the presenters, call them liars and accuse them of producing false reports.

We were able to have many questions answered but now have several more.

1. If this group is so against mining why don’t they have their own meeting and present their position, supported by facts instead of “the sky is falling” shouting and screaming?

2. If this group is so sure that the mining company “paid off” the consulting firm that presented the facts why don’t they hire one of their own for a unbiased opinion? Of course this would make that firm their “paid off employee.”

3. Why was it necessary for them to bring in outsiders? The most obnoxious person there doesn’t live in Houston County.

4. Why do they think that shouting will make their words intelligent?


Gerald Dix

Caledonia, MN