Allowing golf carts on Highway 26 under consideration

By Emily Bialkowski
Caledonia Argus


The ability, or lack thereof, to drive golf carts on county highways garnered solid discussion at the Sept. 18 Houston County Board meeting.

Resident Bud Fitting asked the board to consider opening up a quarter-mile portion of County Highway 26 to golf cart traffic. This section would specifically allow carts to travel from Money Creek Haven Campground to the town of Money Creek.

Commissioner Steve Schuldt questioned the purpose of allowing such traffic.

“It’s just a leisurely little drive,” Fitting said.

Some commissioners saw no problem with the proposal. “I personally don’t see a problem with it. I’ve been over there,” Commissioner Justin Zmyewski said.

But at least one resident expressed a huge amount of displeasure with the idea. Robin Daniels said people from the campground do nothing but drive into Money Creek to be nosey.

Houston County Sheriff Doug Ely was asked to weigh in on the matter, and he said there’s been some complaints associated with such vehicles.

“It’s certainly up to the county board, but if the county board allows it I would like to see regulations on it,” Ely said.

Fitting said the Town of Money Creek allows golf carts on their roads and requires the drivers to have insurance and get a city-issued sticker.

Zmyewski said he would like to see the county have similar stipulations as well, and with that made a motion to allow golf carts on that portion of Hwy. 26.

However, County Engineer Brian Pogodzinski requested that he and the sheriff be given a week to collect information on the proposal before a decision is made.

The board agreed to table the request.

In a semi-related matter, Commissioner Teresa Walter asked Pogodzinski how all the road construction projects are coming along.

He said, after a big sigh, the aggregate base is coming along on Hwy. 26, but that the project is a little behind where they had wanted it to be. Bridge 22 and the bridge on Swede Bottom Road are still out, “So that’s a bit inconvenient for locals,” he said, adding that all other projects are at least open for traffic.



The board entertained two personnel requests.

Human Resources Director Tess Arrick-Kruger asked that Tom Dybing be re-appointed as county assessor.

“I am here very happily to recommend for reappointment Tom Dybing effective Jan. 1, 2013, for  four years,” she said.

The board gave a unanimous nod and lauded Dybing’s work.

“I think we have a fine gentleman here in this position. I think he’s – in my opinion – done a very fine job in a very tough position,” Commissioner Jack Miller said.

The other item was brought forth by Pogodzinski, who requested a 67 day temporary employee to help the engineering department.

Because of all the construction projects, the department  is under a time crunch between now and when cold weather hits.

Due to last winter’s mild nature money remains in the budget to offset this exceptional workload, and the board approved the request.


Other business

• The Economic Development Authority has an “Explore Houston County” brochure going out.

• The board agreed to host a meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 30 at 9 a.m. even though it’s the fifth Tuesday of the month.

• The board will not meet on Tuesday, Nov. 6 because it is General Election Day.

• The board voted to retain a consultant at a cost of $7,000 to do an organizational review of the human services department.

• The board extended permission to human services supervisors to begin discussion with other counties on how to share services where possible.


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