SOS kick off campaign was a real kick and a great get-together

To the Editor:

Dear community members,

If you were unable to attend the SOS Kick Off Campaign for the new aquatic center in Caledonia, you missed a great get-together. A huge group of volunteers were responsible for presenting a well-planned evening.  The PowerPoint presentation was extremely informative and showed us just how great the aquatic center will look.

The highlight was the revelation of the money already committed to the campaign and was made by Santa Claus himself!

The children in the audience loved seeing Santa in October. All of us were so impressed with the $909,499 already raised to save our swimming pool. What an accomplishment!

Please consider making a donation to this wonderful addition to our community. Your support will be appreciated as we continue to strive toward the goal of making the much needed new aquatic center a reality.

Let’s get together!


Laurel Rusert

Caledonia, Minn.