To all Americans: We can change this

To the Editor:

I did not vote for President Obama; however, because of his victory, I thought of his speeches he made while campaigning and decided to give him a chance to implement the changes he promised the American public.

To name just a few:

No more lobbyists in Washington promoting their causes.

The fraud in Medicare would be looked into to save billions.

Everything would be out in the open and the American public would know what is going on in Washington.

No bill would be passed unless it was read and debated by both parties.

We believed this and he even got a Democratic Congress and yet  failed with this majority to even pass a budget. With the control he had, I fail to see where the Republicans held him back. He said the things he knew the people wanted to hear.

Wrangling over the budget bill did not damage our nation’s credit rating; adding to our national debt did. When the gross national product is passed over by our debt, America is in trouble. Our president does not seem too concerned by our economy and our high unemployment.

We have the right to disagree in a democracy and can express our opinions as well as the next person. I am praying that most Americans are not more concerned by what they can get from the government than what the government is doing to America.

When you have a Congress that passes a 2,700 page bill, which most of them did not read or debate, and then the Speaker of the House says “Pass it and we will find out what is in it.” Did that shock you when they did that?

The Health Care Bill is cutting Medicare billions of dollars in the next 10 years. I would like to refer to a campaign ad that President Obama endorsed that states that Paul Ryan’s plan is going to take Medicare away from senior citizens. That is not true. His plan will not affect any senior citizen 55 years and older. Medicare will remain the same for them. The voucher plan is only for 54 years and younger to insure that Medicare will be there for them when they reach the age of retirement. Obama health care has (20) new tax increases in it.

President Obama talked about raising taxes on the rich and that got me wondering if all the members of Congress paid their 2011 taxes. I know a few of President Obama’s appointments to his cabinet did not know they had to pay taxes. I just read an article that federal employees owe billions in back taxes.

Do you honestly think by raising the taxes on the rich two percent of our country is going to pay the debt and solve all the spending that is going on?

Do you want another four years of promises by someone who does not keep his word? We can and will with God’s help, and by taking interest in what our country is doing, we can change this.

Dolores Link
Caledonia, Minn.