Consider true marriage and the depth of your pocket

To the Editor:

Marriage Amendment: Minnesota presently has a law on the books that states that a marriage is an act between a man and women. Why should this be changed? Why is there an amendment being voted to change the word marriage and its’ definition? It appears that the big issue here is that same-sex citizens want the same benefits that married couples have. It appears that these citizens would be equally happy if their legal contract would be called a “civil partnership.” (The country of Denmark started this in 1989). The truth is that God is the author of marriage!

In very early times, a man and a women made vows to each other and they were considered married. Later, the Christian cultures wanted to keep records of marriages and required a marriage to be witnessed. Back then, in many countries, to include the United States, a Christian marriage was the only form of marriage available.

Obviously, the marriage became a civil tool when forced and/or pre-arranged marriages began. However, in the United States and other countries, the government wanted to allow man and woman to be able to marry who didn’t want to have a Christian marriage. Accordingly, “civil marriage union” was formed and defined as the legal concept of one man and one woman in marriage as a governmental institution irrespective of religious affiliation, in accordance with marriage laws of the jurisdiction. True marriage will always be under God no matter what same sex “civil partnership” may try to obtain. Why? Because if the marriage is not under God (the author of marriage), it is not a true marriage. In addition, we are “one nation under God!”

Voter ID Amendment: This amendment is beyond stupid as the enforcement across the USA may well double our national debt and make the USA the largest voting fraud country in the world. In fact, voter fraud has already increased greatly since this voter ID suggestion has been stated. This fraud, in Florida, includes the Democrat and Republican parties in registering persons to vote. One may think that if the voter ID became law that it wouldn’t affect you? You will pay big time in increased taxes, etc. All communities will have to pay for their cost of implementing the law from their own budgets.

It has been stated that if this Voter ID would become law, it will greatly eliminate the number of U.S. citizens voting in the millions, especially in the Spanish speaking cultures. So if you wish this law to take effect; you better have deep pockets. God bless America!


Larry Slam

Caledonia, MN