Law enforcement should set an example

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, Oct. 3 while driving on I-90 near St. Charles a Houston County Sheriff’s Department vehicle blew by me like I was standing still.

It was followed closely by a Winona Sheriff’s Department SUV with K-9 insignia on it’s rear. There were no lights or sirens, just speed. They proceeded on I-90 averaging 84 miles per hour (70 mph speed limit). They then went on to Hwy. 52 into Rochester averaging 80 mph (65 mph speed limit) and on through Rochester and points north averaging 78 mph (60 mph speed limit).

It’s my understanding that law enforcement vehicles must obey the speed limits when not engaged in emergency actions. If you or I were to be pulled over and ticketed for speeds like this the fine would be over a $100.

Law enforcement should be setting a good example for the public rather than violating the law because they know they can get away with it.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Department has demonstrated that they feel they are above the law (drag racing at the airport, illegally copying DVDs) so this is no surprise. However, I’m saddened that that attitude appears to have spread to the Winona Department as well.


Kevin Kelleher

Houston, MN

  • Kevin Want to be


    Wow, almost every week we get to hear from Kevin. It is almost like you are running for office, oh yeah, that right you are, Houston School Board.

    Why didn’t you report him immediately to the Local Sherrif’s office???? You like to complain but you could have solved this issue by reporting it to the local police in Rochester.

    Quit Complaining and do something!!! I’m sadden to ready about you complaining each week.

  • nurseK

    As I read this all I can wonder is how you were able to follow these officers so closely and monitor their actions through Rochester and even further north? Obviously an upstanding citizen such as yourself would not consider speeding to follow these officers. You are starting to appear to be obsessed with the HCSO and bringing down the HCSO. While I am not a fan of the current sheriff I can assure you that several of the deputies ARE upstanding citizens. These men risk their lives on a daily basis and their payback and thanks is accusations by an obviously disgruntled man. It is time you move on Mr. Kelleher. You are becoming sad and repetitive.

  • ex-con

    This is horrible, just horrible.

    Kevin, you should contact the Winona Co SO, Olmsted Co SO & Rochester PD,
    and advise them you’re willing to write out a statement indicating that
    you clocked these vehicles travelling at the above speeds.

    After all , this is your civic duty.

    I’m sure a speeding ticket will be issued!

  • Kevin Want to be

    Does awaiting for moderation mean, never getting posted??