‘Obamacare’ is not where credit is due

To the Editor:

The letter to the editor written by Leatrice McEvilly and published in the Sept. 12 issue of The Argus that credits her good care to “Obamacare” is not accurate.

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has so far had little to no effect on Medicare and, if it does get fully implemented, which it most likely will be if President Obama is reelected, it will negatively affect benefits for many Medicare beneficiaries as well as many other Americans. It has already caused rates for individual and family coverage to increase because of mandates implemented thus far.

Original (fee-for-service) Medicare has been around since 1965. It has two components, Parts A and B. We are not told whether she has traditional Medicare parts A and B with or without a Medicare supplement or if she has changed to one of the more recent Part C plans of which there are various types.

Some of the more common available in our area are HMO, PPO, PFFS and MSA Advantage plans as well as Medicare health (cost) plans. These Part C plans have only been available since Jan. 1, 2006, and they can come or go or make changes within certain parameters on an annual basis.

Whether she has original (fee- for-service) Medicare with or without a Medicare supplement or she has switched in recent years to one of the various Part C plans is irrelevant to this issue.

If she received medically necessary hip replacement surgery, complicated eye surgery or any other medically necessary surgery since becoming a Medicare beneficiary 21 years ago, Medicare would have worked the same as it did for her in 2012. The only difference being that copayments and deductibles are generally adjusted upward on occasion based on the consumer price index.

It is a fact that in crediting “Obamacare,” The Affordable Care Act, with the care she recently received, Mrs. McEvilly is misinformed, or she is being intentionally misleading in order to promote Obamacare and the president, which I trust is not the case. In either case the statements made in her letter concerning her good coverage being due to “Obamacare” are completely false.


Bruce Bulman

Licensed health insurance agent since 1982

Caledonia, Minn.