A night for apparitions

Emily Bialkowski
Argus Managing Editor

In honor of today’s most frightful holiday, I’m going to take a big leap here and share with you what I beleive was a ghost sighting I had during my tender years.

My parents were careful to not let me watch scary movies or television shows, but I had grown a familiarity with the show “The Incredible Hulk.”

Now I’m not talking about any cartoon; I’m talking about the 1978 to 1982 series broadcast on CBS based on the Marvel Comic.

I vaguely remember a man in the show that would get angry, grow giant muscles and turn green.

One fateful night I woke up from a nightmare – that had the incredible hulk in it – and I sprang up into a sitting position in bed. The room was naturally dark and I took a second to gain my wits while figuring out I had just woke up from a bad dream. As I gazed about the room I noticed something scarier than the dream I just had.

Here’s where my friends usually start making fun of me, by the way…

A small, blueish, whiteish figure sat staring at me from the radiator. He had a very long, curly beard, was wearing a long robe and freaked me out.

I froze knowing that it would take less than milleseconds for the creature to lunge at me from the radiator, which was just eight feet away.

I tried not to breathe, but my fright took over me and I let out a verbal shiver. My heart pounded and my eyeballs were probably popping out of my head.

The little man slowly moved his finger toward his mouth and I clearly heard him say, “Shhhhh.”

I would have exploded a scream for my mom if I wasn’t so terrified, but I couldn’t even move. Did he want me to be quiet because he was going to eat me? Did he want me to be quiet so he could kill me?

I’ll never know because right after he hushed me he started to disappear like vapor in the air.

I was too embarassed to tell anyone what happened, but as I got older and started attending sleepovers I learned the story made great midnight fodder.

Then, many, many years later, I was watching a television show about ghosts. Alleged experts in the field said oftentimes angelic spirits appear to humans in blue or green hues.

I’d like to think my encounter was one with a guardian angel or something of the like. Maybe the little blue man was saying, “Shhhh,” to try and be calming after I had just had a nightmare.


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