Beloved family and community man passes

By Audrey Alfson
Caledonia Argus

On Oct. 24 Houston, Minn. lost a true friend in Jim Schultz. For over 40 years Jim dedicated himself to all things Houston, whether it was Hurricanes or Hoedown or something in between. As a husband, father, businessman, mayor and outdoorsman, he leaves behind him a legacy to be proud of.

Friends and family remember him for his honesty, kindness and wit, and particularly for his love for family and his community. As a lawyer, mayor, friend or parent, people knew that he would speak straight, “telling it like it was, so that you knew where you stood.”

At his core, however, he was a gentleman, willing to disagree with you then still visit over a cup of coffee.

As a dedicated member of the Houston Hoedown celebration, Jim was known far and wide for his famous Hoedown Brats. Most memorably, he always wore Western clothes – even in court – and drove a red Corvette with “Justice” on the license plate.

A true cowboy, Jim loved music and singing and dancing. He loved to ride his horses or  hop on his tractor to maintain the miles of horse trails they used. And he loved all things Roy Rogers. Jim knew no strangers, whether he was in Hawaii or Italy. And if you knew Jim, you probably had a nickname, such as Tiger or Snookums.

Indeed, Jim loved people and social events and was always the last to leave.

Six years ago when Alzheimer’s disease became apparent, Jim’s life, and that of his family, changed dramatically. But as Jim was known for saying himself, “No one said life would be fair.”

His faith guided him as the way to live, and with his death those who remain can look back on a life well-lived, knowing we’re all a little bit better because he was here.