Houston Area Cancer Support, Inc. helps patients

To the Editor:

The Houston Area Cancer Support, Inc. helps local cancer patients. In 2012 Houston Area Cancer Support group’s first year of incorporation as a not-for-profit charitable organization, assistance in the manner of gas cards for transportation to clinic appointments, gift cards for groceries and help paying bills was given to community residents.

So far, cancer patients have been referred to Houston Area Cancer Support by word of mouth. This notice is a reminder to our community that Houston Area Cancer Support is available to help cancer patients living in the city of Houston and the townships of Houston, Money Creek, Sheldon, Mound Prairie, Yucatan and Union in the State of Minnesota.

Houston Area Cancer Support will help in whatever way they can. If you are a cancer patient, or aware of a cancer patient in need of assistance, you may contact one of the board members listed below.

This year the Houston Area Cancer Auction will be held on Saturday Feb. 2 from 6 until 9:30 p.m. at the Houston Community Center. Auction items are donated by people and businesses throughout the community and range from birdhouses, blankets and crafts to cookies, fudge, pies and pickles. This is a fun night of auction revelry (or perhaps rivalry) for a worthy cause. Watch for fliers closer to this date.

If you’d like to help out the Houston Area Cancer Support group with the auction or donate items for the auction, contact Mary George at 896-2024, Larry Connery at 896-3368, Carolyn Cripps at 896-4061, Kathy Niesen at 896-3761 or Pamela Orr at 896-3673 for more information.


Mary George, Laurence Connery, Carolyn Cripps, Pamela Orr, Kathryn Niesen

Houston Area Cancer Support, Inc.