Houston County schools race results

An editor’s note: The Nov. 6 General Election drew 89.06 percent voter turnout for Houston County. Below are the local results as compiled by the Houston County auditor.


School District of Houston
Board member                Vote for three
Mimi Carlson                587
Steve Scheu                439
√ Kevin Kelleher            591
√ Michaeleen Bonner            924
√ Write-in                659

School District of Spring Grove
Board member                Vote for three
√ Stephanie Morken Jaster        601
√ Aaron Solum                900
Kristy Folz                462
√ Christian Myrah            913
Write-in                    45
Special election for vacant board seat
√ Eric Bjerke                1,014
Write-in                    12

School District of Caledonia
Board member                Vote for three
√ Jared C. Barnes            1,731
√ Jean Meyer                2,228
√ Spencer Yohe            2,005
Write-in                    76
Special election question
Shall the board of Independent School District No. 299 (Caledonia Area Public Schools) be authorized to issue its general obligation school building bonds in an amount not to exceed $495,000 to provide funds for a phased program of acquisition and betterment of school sites, facilities and equipment, with said bonds to be repaid from funds on hand and available in the debt retirement fund of the school district?
√ Yes                    1,782
No                    1,093

School District of
La Crescent-Hokah
Board member                Vote for four
Samuel D. Jandt                1,376
Wade Welper                1,351
√ Ruth Nissen                2,116
√ Chuck Dockendorff            2,117
√ Eric Morken                1,437
√ Bryan F. Tornow            1,403
Erik Braun                1,222
Write-in                    204
Special election for vacant board seat
James Walton                1,357
√ Kent D. Summerfield            1,974
Write-in                    19