Vindictive writer swiping at law enforcement

To the Editor:

I read with “interest” Kevin Kelleher’s letters and articles about the Houston School and now about the Houston County Sheriff’s Department. His vindictiveness comes through loud and clear. Case in point; his letter to the editor in the Argus dated Oct. 23 stated:

“On Wednesday, Oct. 3 while driving on I-90 near St. Charles a Houston County Sheriff’s Department vehicle blew by me like I was standing still. It was followed closely by a Winona Sheriff’s Department SUV with K-9 insignia on it’s rear. There were no lights or sirens, just speed. They proceeded on I-90 averaging 84 miles per hour (70 mph speed limit). They then went on to Hwy. 52 into Rochester averaging 80 mph (65 mph speed limit) and on through Rochester and points north averaging 78 mph (60 mph speed limit).”

Kevin, how did you figure out what their average speeds were and where they went after they “blew by me like I was standing still? I’m sure that you wouldn’t speed to follow them and then partake in self-incrimination by writing about it in a letter to the editor.

Did you knowingly break the law just so you could take a swipe at the County deputies of Houston  and Winona. I wonder what the “Statute of limitations” is regarding “admitted” speeding.


Dan Kildahl
Houston, MN