Readers respond to story’s content

To the Editor:

We read your article in The Argus on Oct. 31 about the UFO! Wow! My husband Bob and I (Kathryn) saw the most brilliant green object in the sky last July but didn’t know how to explain what we saw. This happened in July around the same time as Jim Gardner’s experience.

It seemed very close and was moving slowly. We saw it two times. It was so bright and a green color like we had never seen before. We were in Lansing driving on Hwy. 26 going north and when you leave Lansing you see hills and then open valleys and then hills and another valley. We saw it between hills two times. By the time we got home we lost sight of it. It seemed very close because it was very large and going slow. It was headed toward Caledonia.

We still feel spooky when we talk about what we really saw. How do you try to explain what can’t be explained? It definitely was not a plane or a star! Would you let Jim Gardner know that he is not alone seeing green in the sky.

It definitely was not a plane or a star.


Robert and Kathryn Van Brocklin
Lansing, Iowa