Cemetery issue is all about money

To the Editor:

I’m not sure how much you have been following the problems with our neighbors in Perkins Valley, but here is the story so far:

The state is replacing an old bridge that was damaged in the flood of 2007.  The contractor J.B. Holland contacted my dad to purchase $30,000 worth of fill for the road.  This was to be removed from an old shale pit that the county has used on past road projects.

However, near this shale pit is an old family cemetery. The Houston County Planning and Zoning Committee passed the Conditional Use Permit as all the legal requirements for the removal of fill had been met. We also planned to improve some of the current erosion problems with the cemetery and build an improved road to the cemetery.

However, Dale Omodt and Lucille Omodt-Crow were not happy with the new look that the cemetery would have after this project.  So, using Dale’s position on the Money Creek Township Board, they blocked our permit.  He did this by writing a letter and having the rest of the board members sign this letter.

This letter was written and approved in a meeting that was not open to the public. No one on the board contacted my father or any of us to let us know that this meeting was happening. This letter was the only reason the county commissioners rejected our permit.

Then, within the week, Lucille applied for a permit that would sell the fill for the project off of Lucille Omodt-Crow’s and Jeff Beckman’s land.  Now you tell me, do you think this had to do with the look of the cemetery or $30,000?


Korey Kinstler

Houston, MN