Combat veteran wants answers and not lies

To the Editor:

I am ashamed of the Americans that aren’t as mad as hell as I am about the Libya attack on 9/11/12 that killed four Americans. President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the rest of the White House staff watched on live time and let them get killed and did nothing.

We have the most powerful armed forces in the world. I don’t care about the lies that were spread; I just want accountability. If you are the President and Commander in Chief of our armed forces quit lying and quit covering up. As an American veteran I expect results, not cover-up and lies.

I know as a combat veteran, on the battlefield, when pinned down, we depended on back-up and many times if we wouldn’t have gotten it we would have been killed.

Call President Barack Obama, call your Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, call everyone in the White House that saw this event live and say quit lying and that you want accountability and truth.

As a former United States Marine I want the truth. It’s going on three months. Who else has to die to get the truth and not lies from this White House?


Jerry Halverson
United States Marine
Viet Nam Veteran
Waukon, Iowa

  • ex-con

    First of all, thank you for your service!

    I really don’t see any accountability out of the Barry Soetoro administration and you shouldn’t either.

    The country that we once knew is lost, never to return. What’s funny, many people who drank the kool aid, haven’t noticed that the bridge is out.

    So, watch you six and keep you head down……………’s going to get rough…..

    Have a good day sir!

  • spendinghawk

    This is an issue that should bring down the Obama presidency, but the mainstream media refuses to pursue the story. If Obama were a Republican we would be sick of hearing about it. Just like Fast and Furious the media will sweep it under the rug.

    Obama is a disgrace to this country. He’s in way over his head. In 20 years when this country is bankrupt, inflation is running wild, unemployment is higher than during the Great Depression, Americans will be able to point to this 1 man wrecking crew, Obama.

    I think I’m sick to stomach.