Legislative demographics interesting

Howard Lestrud
ECM Publishers Political Editors

As we look at the makeup of the new Minnesota Legislature we see the gender representation almost equal in the House and the Senate.

Of the 134 members of the House of Representatives, 90 (67 percent) are men and 44 (33 percent)  are women. Of the 67 members of the State Senate, 44 (66 percent) are male and 23 (34 percent) are women.

Let’s take a look at some House statistics:

• 73 DFL members

• 61 Republican members

• 42 newly elected members

• 27 newly elected DFL members

• 15 newly elected Republican members

• 31.3 percent of House members did not serve last session

• 31 newly elected members are men

• 11 newly elected members are women

• 91.1 percent of incumbents were re-elected

• 0 DFL incumbents lost

• 9 Republican incumbents lost

• 34 seats were open at the time of the election

• 3 House races were uncontested.

New House DFL members include: Connie Bernardy, 41A; David Bly, 20B; Raymond Dehn, 59B; Zachary Dorholt, 14B; Ron Erhardt, 49A; Roger Erickson, 2A; Tim Faust, 11B; Peter Fischer, 43A; Mike Freiberg, 45B; Laurie Halverson, 51B; Jason Isaacson, 42B; Ben Lien, 4A; Sandra Masin, 51A; Jay McNamara, 12A; Jason Metsa, 6B; Will Morgan, 56B; Jerry Newton, 37A; Joe Radinovich, 10B; Paul Rosenthal, 49B; Shannon Savick, 27A; Mary Sawatzky, 17B; Dan Schoen, 54A; Yvonne Selcer, 48A; Erik Simonson, 7B; Mike Sundin, 11A; JoAnn Ward, 53A; and Barb Yarusso, 42A.

Of the DFL total, eight have served previously.

New House Republican members are: Tony Albright, 55B; Mark Anderson, 9A; David FitzSimmons, 30B; Steve Green, 2B; Jerry Hertaus, 33A; Jeff Howe, 13A; Brian Johnson, 32A; Ron Kresha, 9B; Jim Newberger, 15B; Marion O’Neill, 29B; John Petersburg, 24A; Cindy Pugh, 33B; Mark Uglem, 36A; Anna Wills, 57B; and Nick Zerwas, 30A.

Leadership in the House includes Rep. Paul Thissen, Speaker of the House-designate; Rep. Erin Murphy, Majority Leader and Rep. Kurt Daudt, Minority Leader.

Demographics of interest in the Minnesota Senate show:

• 39 DFL members

• 28 Republican members

• Terms: 10th, 1; 9th, 3; 8th, 1; 7th, 2; 6th, 1; 5th, 2; 4th, 10; 3rd, 7; 2nd, 10 and 1st, 20.

• Age: in their twenties, 1; in their thirties, 1; in their forties, 14; in their fifties, 12; in their sixties, 14; in their seventies, 2; and did not report, 23.

• Occupation: business, 16; law, 8; financial services, 7; legislator, 5; retired, 4; medical, 4; education, 4; real estate, 3; communication, 3; farming and did not report, 11.

Twenty-three new senators were elected in 2012. They include 14 DFLers and nine Republicans.

New DFL Senate members are: Jim Carlson, 51; Bobby Joe Champion, 59; Greg Clausen, 57; Kevin Dahle, 20; Kent Eken, 04; Melisa Franzen, 49; Foting Hawj, 67; John Hoffman, 36; Vicki Jensen, 24; Alice Johnson, 37; Susan Kent, 53; Bev Scalze, 42; Matt Schmitt, 21; and Melissa Wiklund, 50.

New Republican Senate members are: Bruce D. Anderson, 29; Karin Housley, 39; Mary Kiffmeyer, 30; David Osmek, 33; Branden Petersen, 35; Eric Pratt, 55; Carrie Ruud, 10; Bill Weber, 22; and Torrey Westrom, 12.

Leadership in the Senate includes Sen. Thomas Bakk, Majority Leader-Elect; Sen. Sandra Pappas, president of the senate-designate and Sen. David Hann, Minority Leader-elect.

A new swing in power has taken place with the party in power also sitting in the governor’s chair. It will be an interesting 2013 session to watch as new leaders and legislative newcomers take their posts. Get your scorecards ready.


Howard Lestrud is part of ECM Publishers’ capital reporting team. He can be reached at [email protected]