Trivia buffs wanted

By Clay Schuldt
Caledonia Argus

What animal-themed holiday is celebrated on the second day of February?  If you know the answer without first checking the calendar, then you may want consider attending the “S.O.S. Trivia Night” on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013. The event will be held at the Four Seasons in Caledonia and is hosted by the Caledonia Lions Club.

Teams of ten will compete against each other for trivial supremacy and prizes will be given to the first and second place teams, as well as a prize for the last place team.

“It wasn’t an original idea by any means,” said Lions Club member Randy Weibel.

Weibel said the idea came from a friend who lives in Cashton, Wis.  Cashton hosted a trivia night in October of this year, and Weibel believed it was a good way to raise money in the community.

All proceeds from the trivia night will be donated to the Caledonia Swimming Pool fund. The Lions Club is hoping this event will turn into an annual occurrence.  According to Weibel, the response so far has been excellent with a handful of teams confirmed prior to advertisements being posted.

“The teams that probably will fare the best are going to be the teams that are well diversified,” Weibel said. The questions will be taken from a wide range of topics meaning teams need to have a wide breath of knowledge.

Weibel promises the event will not be a dry question and answer format. “We want the event to be interactive, fast moving and fun.”   In addition, Weibel assured the questions will be challenging without being impossible, saying, “We don’t want it too easy where everyone gets it, but not too difficult so everyone gets discouraged.”

Sample questions include identifying famous people in political cartoons or name a song from listening to a short segment.

Of course no outside help will be allowed. Teams are banned from using reference books, cell phones or the internet for help. As the rules state, the only source allowed will be the gray matter between your ears.

The cost to participate is $20 per team member. For those who are not competing but wish to observe the cost is $10. The cost of admission includes a drink and all you can eat homemade chili. Those wishing to reserve a team of 10 may contact Randy Weibel.

For those still stumped by the above question, the answer is Groundhogs Day.