‘Get your fitness on’ for a new you in 2013 with an exercise buffet

Joe Horihan welcomes those who have decided to work for ‘a new you’ at the 24/7 Workout Center in Caledonia. The curious may visit an open house on the third Thursday of each month. ~ Jennifer Ely
Joe Horihan welcomes those who have decided to work for ‘a new you’ at the 24/7 Workout Center in Caledonia. The curious may visit an open house on the third Thursday of each month.
~ Jennifer Ely

By Jennifer Ely
The Caledonia Argus


A new year goes great with a new you. With the holidays now over it is time to focus on you – the new you! The holidays are the worst time for people to watch their figure. With all the festivities, relatives and parties, who has time to watch what they eat or how much they eat? Well, now that 2012 has come and gone it is now time to start the new year of 2013 with a fabulous new you.

“Certainly this is the time of year when people will step back and reflect on where they are at with their fitness physically and mentally,” said manager of 24/7 Workout Center Joe Horihan. “We all know that our diet always starts “tomorrow;” this time we can stick to our goals and not falter.


All you can exercise buffet

Picture this… you are going to an all-you-can-eat buffet of spaghetti, pizza, chicken, ice cream, pie, cake and pudding and all the food you can imagine is waiting right in front of you. Instead, what if you had an all you can exercise buffet? The exercise buffet provides you with so many options and opportunities that it is just your decision on where you would like to start first.

When people think of exercising they automatically think of sweating, running, lifting, and actually getting yourself out of your warm house to the cold car and drive all the way to a workout center. People need to think about the benefits when thinking about exercising. Exercising is a win-win situation. Exercising makes you feel empowered. You separate yourself from the world full of stress and temptations; you’re doing something good for your body as well as your mind.

Eating a good meal is great for you but just eating a serving of vegetables at every meal does not give you the satisfaction you are looking for. Your exercise buffet can include treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, dumbbells, exercise mats and stability balls. Building in some muscle toning and flexibility work is the first place to start. You can’t just walk into the gym and start doing something aerobic-wise and expect to lose 10 pounds right away. That’s just like eating a serving of vegetables with every supper and expecting to lose weight because you are eating healthier.


Walk into the gym

The greatest thing I heard about exercising is if you pack exercise into a pill it would be the most widely prescribed and used drug in the nation. This is so true! Everyone would ask to take the exercise pill because everyone not only wants to look better, they want to feel better. You need to find that moment that makes you feel good where you feel like you can do anything. The hardest thing to do in exercising is showing up. Life is busy; no one can deny that, but you have to find the courage and time to walk into the gym.

There are no activation or joining fees at the 24/7 Workout Center. Get a friend or family member to come with you to the center and get your fitness on. Help your friends and family get into the system and start in the right direction of committing to a gym. But, remember that you as an individual need to be independently motivated. Half of the battle is getting to the gym and walking in the door.

“Participate in any program three to four times a week for a month and if you don’t feel like your time was well spent I am more than willing to give your money back. That’s how confident I feel that working out will make you feel better,” Horihan said. “Take time out for just bettering yourself and doing exercises such as maintaining your breathing and stretching your flexibility. Exercising is not all about muscles; basics come first. Use good form and specific muscles instead of working on the same bicep muscles.”

Working out can be contagious. Pick a buddy or a specific time that works for you. Boost your spirits and definitely get motivated again. Like stated before, “Half of the battle is getting there and walking through the door,” Horihan said.


Try it on for ‘size’

Not sure how you feel about experiencing a new place with new people? The Caledonia 24/7 Workout Center owned by Tony and Carol Schiltz is having an open house every third Thursday of each month from 4 to 7 p.m. All you need to bring is yourself and a pair of indoor shoes you can switch on and off at the door.

Try a Thursday opportunity to come and check out all the machines, get any information you’d like about the gym, about payment plans or any programs or workout schedules you’d like. You can even try some of the machines for free on Thursday with supervision.

Pick any program that you work at for 30 to 40 minutes three to four times a week and you can accomplish anything and increase your overall well-being. We are responsible for what we do with our body and what our body intakes. We can no longer blame our figure and crummy health on things around us. We need to start taking the blame and saying no to eating potato chips on the couch or having candy in moderation. If you decide not to start exercising, the next time you don’t feel good or think you don’t look good enough you can only blame yourself. You can make yourself a better you with just a little work. Once you start to exercise and eat better you feel better about yourself, are more active, have more energy and sleep better.


Invest in yourself

Don’t think about a gym membership as an expense; think about it as an investment. How can there be a better way to invest your money than in an investment in yourself as well as your future and making yourself a better you? A single membership at 24/7 Workout Center per month is only $32 and a family membership is only $60 per month along with a police, ambulance and fire department thank you rate.

With all these wonderful opportunities, machines, and facilities to be used, why not start a new year’s resolution to have a happy, healthier you. 2013: a new year and a new you – are you up for the challenge?