Adult feels bullied, too

To the Editor:

I have lived in Caledonia now for over 45 years. As the years are going by the nastier the people are in Caledonia. Talk about bullying by kids, we have adults doing it to your face. For example, “Here comes trouble.”

I fell on a person’s property on Dec. 18 delivering a paper. When I went to tell him I’m not claiming anything on his insurance, this is what I got to my face: “Here comes trouble.”

He is not the only one. Houston County Social Services is another one.

Now you’re wondering why I don’t shop in Caledonia. I try and go elsewhere for my business – much safer there.

I have enough problems anyway, so I’m trying to hide my face from Caledonia’s public. That way I’m better off. I’ll hibernate where I have to. I go to bed and can’t sleep because of what somebody is saying about me behind my back. How shameful, too!

Agnes Rottman

Caledonia, MN

  • ex-con

    Agnes, it took a lot of courage for you to write this article.

    Life is very complex, but I’d like to make some brief suggestions, if you don’t mind.

    1. join and become part of a church group.

    2. get involved in a community club, there are many to those from, maybe you know
    someone who can sponsor you.

    3. Check out Three Rivers Martial arts academy in La Crosse. I would suggest that you
    focus on: Judo, Hapki-do and boxing. The end result/benefit is not what you might think,
    but I can’t explain it to you…….