Up next, spring sports

Brady Ambrose
Argus Sports Coordinator

Time flies, even here in Caledonia. As I sit at my desk writing this, I glanced at the calendar and discovered that the Caledonia girls have only five regular season games remaining, the boys have nine, the wrestling team has just two meets left and the gymnastics team will be in action just one more time before the end of the regular season. Soon it will be tournament time and then spring sports will take over.

Working from home has its advantages for sure. I just had a bowl of soup and while flipping channels, found a show featuring Fleetwood Mac live in concert in Boston, so I watched a few songs and enjoyed lunch. They are getting old – but who isn’t?

I think I will survive the season. If you recall my wife wrote in her column a couple of weeks ago that I really don’t care for the holiday season. I have nothing against Christmas, especially now with a lively six-year-old running the house. It’s fun to listen to her talk about Christmas and discussing what to leave for Santa for a snack.

A big thank you to Caledonia fall sports teams and coaches. You all made it a little easier to get back into the swing of sports reporting/photography, but I have to admit I wasn’t quite prepared for two teams going to the state championship games. I knew very little about Caledonia athletics when we got here, but I quickly got myself familiarized as best I could and tried to dive in and provide the readership of the Argus with the best coverage they could get from the local newspaper.

It was exciting to go to the Metrodome for the state football championship, but I was unable to get to the state finals for volleyball. I was impressed from the start with both teams, and I told a former co-worker that some of the best volleyball I had witnessed in 20 years, I had witnessed in Caledonia this fall.

The winter has been going well, and I’m a little more relaxed now. Coach Diersen, Westland, Goergen and Johnson have all been great to work with, and they say their teams appreciate the coverage in the paper.

I like to – if I can – talk to them immediately after games and it has worked out well because the games are still fresh in everyone’s mind. But I’m still trying to figure out what section 1AA East is and where exactly Kingsland is located.

It’s a little less hectic here this winter for me covering sports. My last job also included covering boys and girls hockey, which meant I was attending events in seven different sports during the winter. There is a big difference between sitting in a warm gym and standing in a freezing ice hockey rink. Hockey, along with soccer, have always been challenges for me because literally nothing can happen for an hour and then all of a sudden all heck breaks loose. If you weren’t paying attention you’d have no idea what happened. It’s hard enough to write a story, but if you miss the game-winning goal things get even more difficult.

Emily, Sophie and I have now lived in Caledonia for a little over six months. Luckily the winter hasn’t been bad at all, and we are settled into our daily routines. Sophie has shown an interest in basketball and is attending basketball practice on Saturday mornings with a bunch of other kids who are coached by Jimmy Westland and members of the girls basketball team. I really perked up when we noticed that she dribbles with her left hand more than her right, and  she has started to actually sit and watch high school basketball games – for a little while, at least.

She’s almost seven years old now, and I guarantee that she’s been to more athletic events than a lot of people will ever go to simply due to her parents’ occupation.

Maybe someday we’ll get to Kingsland or Southland, but right now I’m going to check and see if there is another concert on television.


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