Golf carts not driven off the road yet

In September 2012 the Houston County Board was asked to consider opening up a quarter-mile portion of County Highway 26 to golf cart traffic. The request was made to specifically allow carts to travel from Money Creek Haven Campground to the town of Money Creek.

The topic took several months to research, and by early December the board voted against the proposal siting safety issues as a factor in their decision.

Fast forward to the Feb. 5 county board meeting and the topic has come back for more discussion.

Money Creek Haven Campground representative Wayne Fitting said he didn’t feel the campground received proper representation on the matter. “Why did you vote without that happening,” Fitting asked.

Commissioner Steve Schuldt said his decision was based on the recommendation of the county engineer, who said the speed limit and curvy nature of the road made golf carts a dangerous proposition.

“I think the sheriff and the county engineer should have met with myself or the township board – at least everybody would have had a say in the matter,” Fitting said.

Commissioner Justin Zmyewski said he could see where the request might have been misinterpreted. He suggested Fitting go back and write up an exact proposal so the topic can be reviewed again.


– Emily Bialkowski