Regional baseball team seeks new energy

To the Editor:

This past week we had the pleasure of going to the Mississippi Valley Conference to keep the Mudcat baseball team alive in Lansing, Iowa. At this conference we had the opportunity to meet with nine other teams to gain insight on how to further keep the longevity of Mudcat baseball in Lansing and to keep the Lansing Mudcats’ rightful place in this conference.

Did you know this conference started back in 1975? Lansing has been in the Mississippi Valley Conference since it started, has won several championships, and now we are looking to create Mudcats legacy.

In today’s society where violence is prevalent and most have some sort of economic hardship it is important that we come together to create community and wholesome entertainment for our families and friends.

We can not think of anything better to fill Sunday afternoons than a great baseball game. The game itself features many young men from our community, many who we have had the honor of cheering on in many Kee-High and state baseball games. It is important to show these kids that just because high school ends, it doesn’t mean you quit the game or that your love of the sport ends. In fact, the love of the game never goes away; it doesn’t go away for a player, a parent, a fan or a future Mudcat player.

Unfortunately, keeping Mudcat baseball in Lansing takes more than just two teams showing up on a Sunday afternoon. It takes commitment. It takes commitment from the players, the managers, the fans and the supporters. Currently we are in need of a manager, a leader perhaps with knowledge of the game; someone who has it in their heart to steer our team in the direction of a conference championship; who will be committed to the excellence of the game.

We also need our players back who will be committed to showing up to practice on Wednesday nights for two hours, who will be dedicated to the game and be the role models that show the young Mudcats what playing ball is all about.

We are committed to the fundraising of this great legacy, as we will be out asking the great people of our community for sponsorships and implementing fundraiser to help offset equipment expenses and umpire fees.

What about the commitment of the fans? We know they will be there. You see, Lansing baseball fans are always committed to excellence.

If you would like to take on the manager position, be a Mudcat, volunteer or sponsor the Lansing Mudcats please email [email protected] or contact us.


Marlene Duffy & Erin Hines

Lansing, Iowa