Race day

PW Derby - glasses

Cub Scout Hunter Schellsmidt carefully places his car on the track during Pack 51’s annual Pinewood Derby. Schellsmidt’s car received the “Cub’s Choice” design award as voted on by his peers.

PW Derby - 3 boys

Above, Cub Scouts Lyle Myhre (front), Landen Frauenkron (back) and Riley Aasum (on the right) react as their Derby cars race down the track.

With computerized dynamic race scheduling, the Cub Scouts have extremely close finishes. This year the scouts had three races with ties for first place, which is amazing as the finish line timer records to the 10,000th of a second. The net result is the boys and spectators really get into the action.

Cub Scout Master Jon Hagerott is interested in tracking down what year Pack 51 held its first Pinewood Derby. He’s traced the event back to the 1960s but hasn’t been able to find someone that knows for sure what year they started the race in Caledonia. Be sure to contact him if you know.

~ Photos by Brady Ambrose

PW Derby - cars