SOS campaign holding phonathon

The $1.7 million Support Our Swimming Pool (SOS) Campaign to renovate the Caledonia pool into a family aquatic center will hold a phonathon to solicit remaining possible contributors in the region April 1 to 4 and 8, from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

The event is designed to contact as many people as possible who want to give to the pool, said Phonathon Chairperson Carolyn Medin. “We know there are still a lot of people who want to give to this campaign,” Medin said. “We’re confident that many people will pitch in when asked. The phonathon headquarters will be at Miken. “We will attempt to contact nearly 2,000 area residents, which gives us a perfect way to talk to a lot of people about this important project in a short amount of time.”

The phonathon will give area residents the opportunity to make contributions to the campaign that has raised nearly $1.1 million from area businesses and individuals so far.

Campaign leaders hope the city council may soon work with USAquatics on designing the aquatic center, which will identify cost saving measures and possible in-kind giving opportunities from area contractors and sub contractors.

Phonathon captains will lead groups of 15 to 20 callers per night. They are Terry Lauden, Glenda Miller, Mary Peiper, Cindy Colleran and Patty Schulte. Phonathon volunteers will be promoting the recognition opportunities for tributes and memorials. Donors may choose to make their gifts in honor or in memory of another person; in recognition of specific events or accomplishments; or they may choose to simply have the donors’ names engraved. The size of the tiles will be related to the size of the gift it recognizes.

All contributions of $250 or more to the capital campaign will be permanently recognized in the facility unless the donor would like to be anonymous. Donors will be given the opportunity to specify how their gifts are recognized.

Pledges may be paid from 2013 through 2015 on a time schedule at donors’ discretion. Checks may be made to SOS Campaign and mailed to Caledonia City Hall.

Upon securing necessary pledges for the project, the city of Caledonia will proceed with construction, which is planned for 2014 or earlier if possible.


Donor recognition

All contributions will be acknowledged unless the contributor prefers to remain anonymous.  Gifts of $250 or more will be permanently recognized in the family aquatic center on a wall of honor with engraved tiles. Donors may choose how their gifts are recognized (as memorials, in honor of person(s), in recognition of specific events or accomplishments).

The wall of honor will be composed of tiles of various sizes intermixed in a random pattern.  The size of the tiles will be related to the size of the gift it recognizes. See chart.

Contributors and businesses may also have particular areas of the complex named to honor or memorialize individuals or organizations of their choice. See chart.

For more information or to help with the phonathon, call Carolyn Medin at 725-3268.


Contribution Plaque Size

$250-$499: 6×3” wall tile

500-999: 6×4 wall tile

1,000-4,999: 6×6 wall tile

5,000-9,999: 6×8 wall tile

10,000-24,999: 6×10 wall tile

25,000-49,999: 6×12 wall tile

50,000-99,999: 9×15 wall tile

100,000 or more: 18×15 wall tile


Save Our Swimming Pool Campaign Special Designations 

Naming of aquatic center: $750,000

Bathhouse: $350,000

Lap pool: $150,000

Water flumes: $25,000 each

Picnic and shade area: $25,000

Family water slide: $25,000

Arch jet: $15,000

Water dome: $15,000

Shade structures (umbrellas): $5,000