County treasurer keeping taxpayer in mind

By Emily Bialkowski

Caledonia Argus


The person who sends out your tax bill and waits for payments to come in isn’t actually an ogre. On the contrary, Houston County Treasurer Donna Trehus is proactively seeking ways to offer taxpayers payment options.

She asked the Houston County Board to approve the use of Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments from taxpayers at its Feb. 26  meeting.

Residents who sign up for the service can choose to have their taxes deducted semi-annually or monthly, the latter of which is new.

“I hope to ease the burden on our taxpayers to offer this service to avoid paying unnecessary penalties and interest,” Trehus said in a letter to the board.

Residents interested in using  the ACH service will need to fill out a form and attach a voided check to get started. Trehus warned that people will need to complete the paperwork three weeks before payment is due to get everything processed in time.

“People can make tax payments from their savings or checking – whatever they sign up for on the form,” she said.

Businesses and entities that participate in ACH payments are typically charged a fee for each transaction. Houston County qualifies for an Earnings Credit Adjustment  thereby offsetting the service charge.

So, at no cost to the county, Trehus has dipped into a program that gives taxpayers another payment option. With that, the board approved the request.