Nine hundred without power so far

Tri-County Electric Cooperative (TEC) is experiencing power outages due to the heavy snow that started last night, Sunday, March 10, and continues this morning. Currently 900 members are without power. The majority of the power outages are due to tree limbs that are sagging from the heavy snow and coming into contact with power lines. Crews have been out since 11 p.m. and continued to work through the night and morning hours.

Members are reminded to call 1-800-432-2285 to report a power outage. If you notice downed power lines keep others away from the area and call the cooperative. You can’t tell by looking at a power line whether it is live or dead.

A real-time power outage map for TEC’s service territory is available for viewing on a PC  at or smart phone  at The cooperative will provide updates regarding power restoration on its Facebook page at