Yucatan residents recommend disbanding plan committee

By Jennifer Ely

Caledonia Argus


The Yucatan Township annual meeting was full of debate on whether or not a decision from a year prior was carried forth in its entirety.

At last year’s annual meeting a resolution was presented to band commercial use of Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) in Yucatan Township. Residents said they did not want to prohibit the private use of ATV’s, etc. on private land, and they did not want infringe on the existing state snowmobile trail running through the township.

The board kicked the matter around for several months without conclusion. About midsummer a group presented the board with two moratoriums; the first to prohibit OHVs and the second on industrial mining.

The board passed both of these moratoriums, which contained language that instructed the board to establish a committee to develop a land use plan for the township.

Residents said Tuesday they felt like the committee was put together without the opinions of the full township. They said they were concerned the committee would have the authority to change ordinances on zoning.

A motion was made to disband the   plan committee.

But the committee members present made clear that was not their intention. Their intention, they said, was to draw up a plan that can be brought forth to the town during a meeting for public review and input.

Some people encouraged others to join the plan committee, saying that there were three spots still open and they could use as much help as they could get.

A vote took place to decide whether the motion would carry. The results were 38 in favor for the motion and 17 opposed.

While the vote was clearly in favor of disbanding the plan committee, it is not legally binding and only a recommendation to the board.


Other business

In other business, and on a lighter note, the township’s annual audit came back clean. A  motion was made and carried to accept the report.

The town also agreed to retain The Caledonia Argus and Fillmore County Journal as legal newspapers.

Due to the township’s dusty gravel roads, the town decided to give two bags of chloride per household to residents with a dust problem. The decision was not unanimous. A motion was made to remove this ordinance. Fourteen were in favor and 23 were against – motion defeated.

And finally, a date, time and place were set for the next annual meeting, March 12, 2014, 1 p.m., Yucatan Town Hall.